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Below is all the legal jargen needed to keep us running!


Tomsetts DJ is a sole company based in the United Kingdom. 

We do not Tolerate verbal or physical abuse towards our staff and if any is displayed towards our staff during the event or before we withhold the right to immediately leave the venue with our equipment and will a refund will not be given. 

We are not the legal copyright owners of some of the material on this site and at any request can and will remove images and videos off of our site at the owners request. 

We also do not hold any right to the music we perform at our events and all rights to their affiliated and respective owners can be found online through any search engine. We provide our music through © Atomix Productions and © 2019 Deezer 

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy can be found by clicking on the PDF file attached to this webpage.


Our terms and conditions to using our service and site can be found here by clicking the PDF on this webpage 

Terms and conditions

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